Unbound Visual Arts - Testing and Redesign 

Client: Unbound Visual Arts

Problem Statement: The owner of Unbound Visual Arts noticed that they're site isn't getting as much traffic as they wanted and is giving them trouble selling art and getting more attendance at fundraising events

Plan: While interning at a visual arts non-profit, I learned what the owner/founder was attempting when they first planned to design a website for his company.  

I plan to test the usability of this website and learn more about the pain points to help begin the process of redesigning.  


  1. Research

  2. Usability Testing

  3. Interaction Design, Layout Design and Visual Design

Research and Usability Testing

The fist step I took to research this company was identifying the business owner's needs.

Some of the main things I wanted to learn from this initial interview were:

  • The most important pages they wanted users to visit

  • What they want people to gain or learn from the site 

  • They're outlook on what the site accomplishes and why

Business Owner Input

After the interview I learned the following:

  • Users should be able to donate either directly through the site or by attending events.

  • Visitors should be able to see what is coming soon and ways to get involved in the community.

  • Users should be able to easily shop and purchase artwork

  • Users should see what exhibits had happened, are currently happening, and are happening soon

The next step I took was conducting usability tests. I gathered five people and had them complete the following tasks:

  • Click around to learn what the company does

  • Find an item to purchase and complete a transaction

  • Find an upcoming event or exhibit and sign up

Usability Test Results

I tested users between the ages of 22 and 55 and had them walk me through their thought process while i observed them. The results of the usability tests provided me with the user input necessary to begin the design stages of the project. 

  • Difficult navigation: It was often not clear where to begin a task or what the next step in a process was

  • Information: Users felt there was a lot of information on the home page, which made it difficult to understand what the company does

Next Steps: Design Iterations

  • Design: The next step in this project is to begin building low-fidelity wireframes and prototypes

  • Present: There will also be meetings set up with the business owner to share my findings and get some feedback 

  • Test: With the completion of a prototype, more user testing will need to be conducted to learn more about what works

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