In the initial research we found several companies such as, Cognizant and AT&T who already have retraining processes in place, but what would an external user do to begin their search for these programs? This is what ReVision would focus on.

Through quantitative research methods, we learned more about some important actions users might take in retraining for new fields.

Networking Events

Users might want to expand their network and search for events nearby.

Career Options

If a user doesn't know what they are looking for they may want to learn and explore potential options.

We also considered the needs of our internal stakeholders

Customer Loyalty

Internal stakeholders want to ensure loyalty. By offering ReVision sponsored events and providing them with the opportunity to sign up for a monthly newsletter we can begin to promote loyalty.

To finalize the research I created a persona and user journey map to show the way a user would find and register for a networking event. 

User Persona: Jason Palmer

Jason is 43 years old and lives in Brooklyn New York. He and his wife have a daughter and have been married for 10 years. Jason has been working in Information Technology Sales for 13 years and is looking to transition into a new role as a network administrator. He has learned a lot about selling network related products in his current position, but hasn’t done a lot of research into the skills he needs for a career as a network administrator.

Journey Map

Based on our research and user persona we were able to come up with a journey map that identifies what a user might be thinking, feeling and doing when they first enter the website.

For example, Jason is interested in networking events, but to ensure he is making the right choice he wants to do some research. This should all be available and easily accessible to him when he enters the ReVision homepage for the first time.

Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 4.31.43 PM.png

“I believe the first step I’d like to take would be meeting people who work in the industry or have worked in roles similar to what I’m interested in.”


Since he and his wife both work full-time he has the ability to take the time off work to complete a program, but he would prefer something flexible that fits in his schedule. Jason has attended networking events in the past, but has had trouble finding long lasting and worthwhile connections.


Wireframe and Prototype

Based on the research conducted, I created a wireframe and prototype. Some things I kept in mind throughout the design process were:

  • Easy access to networking options for users

  • An easy way to sign up for the newsletter

  • Convenient access to learning more about career options 

Landing Page

The first page that users will see is the landing page. It is important that the navigation bar contained options for every page outlined in the wireframe.

About Page

The about page also provides easy access to the primary areas users are most interested in. 

Challenges and Next Steps

Moving forward, I think that it could be a very useful website to support the community. It provides opportunities for individuals to get support from a mentor or each other at a point in their life when they need it most. 

Content Organization

I knew what I wanted on every page of the website, but it proved to be much more difficult to incorporate everything required by users and stakeholders.

User Testing

Creating tasks for users to complete would provide a better understanding of what works and what users might be interested in seeing. 

ReVision - Process and Design

Client: Southern New Hampshire University - Capstone Final Project

Problem Statement: Employees are at risk to lose their jobs due to new innovations in technology. In 2015 it was calculated that there were 7 million positions that required programming skills, and these jobs are growing much faster than the market average.

Plan: To create a website that caters to professionals looking to re-train for STEM fields


  1. User Research

  2. Personas and User Journey Maps

  3. Interaction Design, Layout Design and Visual Design