Client: Southern New Hampshire University - Interface Design course final project

Problem Statement: The spa owner stated that they were having issues with the accessibility of their scheduling page. Customers would often have to call to schedule their appointment. This can be frustrating for the customers and employees.

Plan: To rebuild a website that allows people to easily schedule spa appointments and to develop usable interfaces by performing requirements-gathering techniques to organize and analyze user and client requirements.


  1. User Research

  2. Personas and User Journey Maps

  3. Interaction Design, Layout Design and Visual Design


Through quantitative and qualitative research, I learned why a user visited the site and the pain points they experienced on the site. 

The spa owners made it clear that they wanted users to be able to schedule appointments through their website. 

Loyalty Program

The spa would also like to implement a loyalty program where returning customers can receive gifts and special benefits.

Using personas and journey maps, I was able to find a way to streamline the process necessary for scheduling an appointment.


Keira Kaplan`

Keira is a  35 year old Mechanical Engineer at an HVAC company. She loves her work, but spends a lot of time working on site. This keeps her on her feet for long periods of time, which can strain her back and legs. In her spare time she likes to run.


Kiera can be reached by email or text. She strongly prefers text since she is on her phone all the time and can easily add text content into her calendar. She is very tech savvy and is often busy with friends, family, work and marathon training.

Journey Map

Based on our research and user persona we were able to come up with a journey map that maps the users thoughts, feelings and actions while they entered the spa website for the first time.

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 3.14.14 PM.png

“My schedule varies week by week, I don’t always take the time necessary to take care of myself”

Since she is so busy making an appointment for a spa treatment should be quick and easy. Ideally something that she can do on her phone. 

She recently received a gift card from a friend for our spa. When she visited our site she was immediately frustrated by the fact that the appointment scheduling page wasn’t working.


 “At that point I just moved on, I don’t have time to call in to make an appointment.”


High-Fidelity Prototype

I designed the prototype using Adobe XD. Below are examples of the landing page and scheduling page.

Landing Page
The primary reason people visit the site is to schedule an appointment, so I placed a button in the center to schedule an appointment. For this design, I wanted to give the user multiple options to navigate to the main pages.

Scheduling Page

One of the main components of this project was the scheduling page. The scheduling page provides links to schedule appointments with the two staff members.

Schedule an Appointment

Users would often visit the site to schedule either a facial or massage appointment.

Contact the Spa

There were several users who commented on the accessibility of the contact page. 

Spa Website - Process and Redesign

Next Steps 

User Testing

Creating tasks for users to complete would provide a better understanding of what design elements work for the user and what could be altered in the next iteration.